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Falcafé believes in collaborative partnerships. Which is the reason why it invests in the training of producers in its operation regions, the Mogiana region of Espírito Santo do Pinhal and the South of Minas Gerais region of Ouro Fino.

Our focus is on encouraging quality and production of specialty coffees by combining good varieties, the exclusive terroir of the region, and the correct handling and processing of the coffee so as to obtain a product of excellence.

In order to achieve our objectives, Falcafé holds field days with specific training sessions focused on specialty coffees in partnership with two important institutions in Brazil, SEBRAE AND SENAR, that promote training for small and medium-sized producers.

A Falcafé also supports our friend producers with post-harvest guidance, drying methods, cupping and coffee sales.

Disseminate knowledge in the production and technology of specialty coffees to neighbors and friends. This is the way that Falcafé found to share its knowledge and increase the production of specialty coffees throughout an important coffee region in Brazil.

Beyond the amazing cup of coffee, Falcafé is concerned about the quality of life of its partners, offering the opportunity to export their coffee to the most demanding international buyers.

For this reason, Falcafé has launched a new and important initiative, the Neighbors and Friends programme.